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The differences between Drama, Short Story and Poetry

I write this paper because I want to increase my knowledge about literarures. Especially about drama, short story and poetry. Although they are parts of literature but they have differences such as in meaning, composition and the way of written.
The definition and the example about Drama, Short Story and Poetry
·      Drama is a literary composition involving conflict, action crisis and atmosphere designed to be acted by players on a stage before an audience.
For example:  Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw and Caste by Thomas Robertson (1867).
·      Short story is story written with a few characters the aim is to create unity, create a mood rather than a plot making it end quickly and not be a long book or article, some short stories have 15 or less pages.
For example: The Snows of Kilimanjaro by Ernest Hemingway, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce, The Dead by James Joyce, To Build A Fire by Jack London, and A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner.
·      Poetry is an imaginative awareness of experience expressed through meaning, sound, and rhythmic language choices so as to evoke an emotional response.
For example: Red, red rose by Robert Rose, Neither out far in deep by robert frost and The sun rising by Donne.
The differences between Drama, Short Story and Poetry
Based on the definition and example, there are differences between drama, short story and poetry.
·         The main difference is that drama has a lot of dialogue and can also be fiction and nonfiction. It is written for the stage and it is dependent on the expertese of the actors to get the story across and on the stage props for the scenery. In lots of ways, it is restricted, and depends on the strength of the dialogue for its impact.
·         The short story is told by the writer who is able to add his own interpretation to the dialogue and also able to tell us the effect that events and comments have on the characters, thus making sure that we know exactly what he wants us to know, something that is done by inference in the play. Scenery can also be fully described, and a mood can be more deftly introduced.
·         Then poetry is language artfully arranged using tools of sound, rhythm, shape of lines, image and metaphor to create an emotional response in the reader.
My experience about drama
       When I was senior high school I had ever played drama. I became a mass. The story was very sad. The title of drama was Anorexia. It was a kind of disease where somebody had to do diet by ate some foods then they had to vomit it at the time. The story of drama liked this. The diet was done by me to make my boyfriend came back to me because for the first time we love each other but unfortunately when I got fat, my boyfriend got bored of me. He said to me to stay away because he did not like fat girl. He would let me came back to be his girlfriend again if I could be slim like the firs time. Then I did the diet until I sick and finally I passed away.
In conclusion, drama, short story and poetry are parts of literature but they have difference such as, drama has a lot of dialogue and can also be fiction and nonfiction, short story tell of a short experience and have to be nonfiction, and poetry can rhyme and can be both fiction and nonfiction.
Suharno. 2007. Introduction to English Literature. Jakarta: Universitas Terbuka

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